Project Features

1). Learning practical Chinese in immersive Chinese lesson
• different class for different level, and small class size
• individuation of the content of lessons, which is connected closely with Chinese activities
•learning, practicing, and using

2). Variety of cultural course
•do it by yourself, and experience the essence of Chinese culture
• bring your production to family and friends in hometown
• close connection of cultural experience and cultural background introduction

3) To know the real China through theme Chinese activities
We will arrange real language practical activities. Students will be arranged to finish a series of tasks and practice oral Chinese in real language environment. They will buy vegetables in the market, bargain with Beijing locals, communicate with the staff about how to change money in bank, write a letter from China and sent it at the post office, etc.

• practice language through group task, practice oral Chinese in real language environment
• treasure hunt in supermarket: to use Chinese, and to know Chinese life
• interview in market: to practice language, and to get used to Chinese life
• mailing a postcard: to communicate in Chinese, and to mail your feeling and memory

4) climb the Great Wall, visit Hutong, get a great view of Chinese places of interest
We will provide the opportunity of visiting Chinese places of interest, such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and Beijing Hutong. Besides, we also provide Chinese group activities. Students will finish group tasks using Chinese they learned that day, and enjoy the fun of speaking Chinese.

The above photos are from the cooperation project between MyEChinese and the Sino Language & Beyond.