Q: what’s the age limit of students in My China Camp?
A: Usually, the age of students will be limited between 8-18 years old.

Q: Where are the students who take part in My China Camp come from?
A: Students from all over the world are welcomed. In here, students can not only improve their Chinese, but also make friends from all over the world. In previous years, we have students from various countries and regions, including America, England, France, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Italy, Dubai, Macao and Hong Kong.

Q: How many students take part in My Chia Camp every year?
A: We have different Camp in spring/summer/winter every year. There will be 1-3 Camps every season, in which 20-30 student take part in.

Q: Which kind of visa should I apply for?
A: Foreigner students of My China Camp can apply for tourist visa (L visa) in local Chinese Embassy.

Q: Besides lessons, accommodation and food, does the project costs covers travelling?
A: Yes. Detailed information is listed below:
For the information of specific costs, please contact us

project costs includes: project costs doesn’t include:
- lessons, textbooks and other learning material

– all activities costs related to the project program

– 24 hours per day supervision provided by Chinese-English bilingual instructor

– accommodation

– three meals a day

– water and fruits

– souvenir T-shirt

– transportation costs related to the project program

– airport pick-ups

-entrance tickets and tour guide

– ten-inch group photo and souvenir DVD

- round trip air ticket and other transportation costs between student’s place and the camp university; costs produced by flight delay or cancel, which is caused by airline company or weather; excess baggage fines

-personal expenditure of the students(such as shopping and fines caused by damaging public facilities and hotel supplies)

– telephone charge

–international accident, medical insurance and other medical costs which is uncovered by insurance

–costs of Chinese visa

– other costs which is not mentioned in the “project costs includes” list

Q: Will the instructor accompany the students 24 hours a day? Will he/she eat and have classes with them instead of just telling them the location of cafeteria and the time of class?
A: The instructor will accompany the students 24 hours a day. He/she will take part in all activities with the students to ensure their safety, including taking them to the classroom, going to the cafeteria with them, organizing extracurricular activities and sports activities for them, and having trips with them. All instructors are trained and professional, and they are all nice, patient and good at communication.

Q: When’s the lights-out time?
A: The lights-out time is 10:00 p.m., and the room checking is from 9:30 p.m.-10:00p.m. Students should attend all collective activities in the day and cannot ask for a leave. They are not allowed to go outside of the campus and dorms by themselves. Instructors will live in the same floor of the dorms with the students in the night.

Q: My child’s plane will arrive in Beijing at 23:50, and can you pick him/her up at this time?
A: Yes, we will provide pick-up service for every student and send them to the dorms safely once you give our staff the flight information. The staff will wait at the customs exit at least 20 minutes before arrival, holding a sign with “my china camp” and the student’s name.

Q: How many allowance should parents give to their kids? Can the students take USD?
A: Usually, we recommend 500 Yuan RMB/each week. Therefore 1500 Yuan RMB for three weeks. The students can take USD, and the instructor will lead them to the bank to change money. Besides, it is highly recommended that the allowance should be taken care by our instructor so that they won’t buy junk food randomly. The instructor will give the student 100 Yuan each time and help them use it moderately.

Q:Since my child is supposed to take medicine, so is it possible for the teacher to remind him/her?
A: No problem. Please put the medicine in a box, and attach a note that shows how to take it. Let your child give the box to the instructor when the camp begins. The instructor will remind the student to take medicine on time.

Q: Besides lunch, what activities do the students have during 12:00-14:00?
A: The lunch time is 12:00-13:00, after when students can go to the dormitory for a short break. However, during this short period of free time, they can only stay in the dormitory instead of going out of dormitory or campus by themselves.

Q: Do the students have other activities after 9:30 p.m.? When is the bedtime?
A: Time after 9:30 p.m. is for reading and freetime (only in dormitory). At 10:30 p.m., which is the bedtime, students should be in their own room and their own bed. The room checking will be start at 10:00 p.m.

Q: My child does not know Chinese at all, can he apply for attending?
A: Yes, we welcome zero-based students. They will learn more about basic mandarin conversations and daily-life expressions. In the first day of the camp, they will take a language test. They will study in different classes according to the result of the test.

Q: I notice that you are going to arrange one-on-one Chinese tutoring this year, so where are the tutors from?
A: There is one hour one-on-one tutoring every night, in which TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) teachers will be tutors. They will lead students to do listening, speaking, reading and writing practice, enhance their learning interests in a relaxed environment, and help them to make more Chinese friends.

Q: Is there any certificate after the students graduated from the summer camp?
A: Yes. After passing the graduation test, every student will have a course-completion certificate, which is given by Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, the OUC.

Q: How’s the students’ accommodation?
A: Students will be accommodate in standard dormitory. Two people will share a room, which has an independent bathroom, 24-hour hot water, an air-conditioner, furniture and electric appliances. It is very clean and comfortable.

Q: Who is the roommate?
A: We will arrange students with same gender, and similar age/nationality/mother language/background to share one room if there is no special requirements from the students and parents. Besides, girls and boys are going to live in different floors, and they cannot visit each other’s room.

Q: Does the dormitory have Internet?
A: There is free WIFI available in the dormitory lobby, and cable network is available in the room.

Q: Is there any locker in the room so that students can put valuables?
A: No, therefore we ask to keep students’ important papers like passport and flight ticket, and it is highly recommended to let the educational administration staff or instructors to keep the students’ allowance.

Q: Are the students allowed to take laptop and iPad?
A: We don’t recommend students to take these things. Short-time service for surfing the Internet is available in the office.

Q: Is there any small supermarket or store in the campus so that students can buy some necessities?
A: There is a small store in the campus, in where students can buy necessities conveniently. The instructor will bring students to the store regularly for living goods.

Q: Do the students have to prepare wash supplies like toothbrush, toothpaste, and towels in advance? Or can they buy them in the campus?
A: Wash supplies like toothpaste, towels, slipper, toilet paper and hangers are not provided in the dormitory. Students can either buy them when they come to China, or bring some of their own to China.

Q: How to do the laundry?
A: The dorms are equipped with self-help washing machines, and the instructor will help students to do the laundry.

Q: How do the students to have meal. Are they supposed to have meal in the university’s cafeteria?
A: Students will have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the university’s cafeteria.

Q: What’s the arrangement in respect of keeping contact with parents?
A: If the student has a telephone, the instructor will help them to buy a phone card and teach them to make a long-distance call. Besides, the parents can E-mail us when they have any requirements. We will be uploading photos at MyEChinese community everyday so that the parents can know what their children are doing.

Q: Can the parents take part in the summer camp together with the students?
A: For those parents who come to China together with the student, we can either book the same hotel with the student or book a dormitory in the university. Parents are also welcomed to join us for the trip. For those parents who want to learn Chinese, we can provide private Chinese lessons.

Q: Is it possible for a friend of us in Beijing to visit the student?
A: Yes. However, for ensuring safety of the students, parents in this case should send an E-mail to our staff, in which the visitor’s name, telephone number, visiting time and photo are included. Then there will be one of our staff to contact the visitor. If the visitor is going to take the student out of the university, the parents should also give us the exact time and place. What’s more, the visitor should fill a reform and provide ID (or other valid papers) and its copy version. The time of going out should not be contradict with the lesson or other collective activities. In order to ensure the students’ safety in China, we don’t allow the students to spend 24 hours or have a sleepover at some other place out of the campus.

For more information, please contact us at any moment.