Chinese Culture Summer Camp

Target Group: global students aged 12 to 16

Why us
*Intensive Chinese Small-class: total 24 study hours in a class of no more than 15 persons; all teachers have academic and professional qualifications in teaching Chinese as a foreign language(TCFL);
*Task-oriented Study and Situational Practice: understand Chinese society in an all-rounded way through visits to 10-15 interesting sights, museums, and cultural attractions, communities as well as 3-day trips outside of Beijing etc.; fulfill Chinese language, Cultural learning and oral communication tasks.
*Private Oral Tutoring: Provide one-on-two tutoring service according to student need.
*All-rounded Cultural Experience:16 study hours of practical culture classes and personal experiences at Chinese historic and cultural attractions.
*MyEChinese Online Platform Learning Support: prior to arrival to China, students are available of online Chinese language and culture courses for them to prepare for the camp; on arrival, the photos of students’ daily activities will be posted through private online groups of the platform so parents can track their children’s progress; after return to home, students can consolidate and improve their Chinese through continuous studies on the platform.
*Safety Guarantee: enclosed campus management with one special counselor per 10 students.


Expenses: 1699 USD (Excluding passport, visa, international airfares etc)
Promotion Policy: For groups of 20 or above, local accommodation fees will be waived for teacher per group

Airport pick-up and delivery service
Please email or fax us the detailed flight information of your flight Ten days prior to your arrival in Beijing, including time and date of your arrival in Beijing, airlines, flight number, departure airport. Then we will be able to make arrangements in advance.

After your enrollment to our program, we will email you the documents for your visa application, including the invitation letter and confirmation letter. Please notice you have to contact the local Chinese Embassy or consulate to obtain the visa application form and information of application fees.
Please bring the following documents to apply for a visa in the local Chinese Embassy or consulate:
Completed visa application form
Your valid passport (the term of validity should be at least above six months and be valid during the period of the Homestay in China program)
Visa fees
Two copies of passport photos

Contact us
Phone: +86-10-57519166